The purpose is to carry out marketing activities, such as sending out newsletters, invitations to various events and other forms of direct communication.

Data Subject
The party with whom we have business relation.

Category of Personal Data
Personal data such as name, title, e-mail address, telephone number and organisation.

Legal Basis
If we have been in contact with a party in one form or another, then we consider that we have a legitimate interest in processing the party’s personal data so that we can maintain the relationship and market our services, while also ensuring that the messages we send to the party are as relevant as possible, cf. General Data Protection Regulation article 6, paragraph 1, point f. Note, that the data subject has the right to object against the processing, cf. General Data Protection Regulation article 21, paragraph 4. 

Processing of personal data in connection with sending out our newsletter is undertaken on the basis of the recipient’s consent, cf. General Data Protection Regulation article 6, paragraph 1, point a. 

The relation in question or through publicly available sources such as LinkedIn or Facebook or through the website of the data subject organisation.

Retention Period
The personal data is deleted when the relation in question requests that we stop contacting the relation. With regards to our newsletter, the personal data is deleted after two years calculated from the time where the relation in question withdraws its consent.

Categories of recipients
We may transfer personal data to our professional advisors in certain cases so that we can receive professional advice. We also use external suppliers, such as IT suppliers, accountants, etc. which may receive personal data in connection with the assistance they provide to us. CURIA enters into data processing agreements with external suppliers which process personal data on behalf of  CURIA in order to ensure that all necessary security measures are adopted.